15 Things to do with Your Kids This Spring

15 Things to Do With Your Kids This Spring

Spring seems to have arrived. The weather is getting warmer, the geese are returning, and the daffodils are pushing through the soil. We are trying not to get too excited, because we could still get a snow storm or two. Still it seems as if the long weeks of winter are behind us and we can enjoy the sweet bliss of going outside without dressing for Arctic survival.

Why not ditch your to do list for a while and head outdoors to enjoy these first warm spring days with your children? To help I’ve gathered 15 simple ways to enjoy the season and have fun together!

15 Fun (and inexpensive) Things to do with Your Kids This Spring

  1. Splash in puddles or dance in the rain.
  2. Make Eggheads. I loved making these when I was a kid.
  3. Encourage your family to watch out for the Spring Firsts with this free printable
  4. Put bean seeds in a resealable plastic bag with a folded wet paper towel.  Tape the bags to a window and watch what happens.  If you prefer not to use plastic bags you can do the same thing in a glass jar.
  5. Make mud pies, or put on old clothes and just play in the mud.
  6. Go hunting for tadpoles and maybe even watch them grow into frogs.
  7. Have a spring photo hunt.
  8. Fly a kite. You could head to the store and buy one, or try making one of your own.
  9. Make fairy houses.
  10. Make a butterfly feeder.
  11. Break out the skipping rope and sidewalk chalk. Teach your kids the skipping rhymes you used as a kid. Show them how to play hopscotch.
  12. Participate in a spring clean-up day in your local community. Volunteering together is a great way to connect with your while you give back to your community—win-win!
  13. Give your bicycles an annual tune up. Here’s a handy check list.
  14. Go on a spring scavenger hunt. To make things really easy use this free printable.
  15. Show your kids how rain forms with this easy science experiment.

Activities for those in the Southern Hemisphere

I know that my readers in the southern hemisphere are heading into fall right now. Here is a list of fun fall activities for you to enjoy with your family.

Now it is your turn. I’d love to hear from you. What is the weather like in your part of the world? What is your favorite spring activity?



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Understanding Your Three-Year-Old

Are you living with a three year old? This might help you understand some of their behavior.

Just recently I have seen a number of posts venting about the trials of living with a three year old or “a threenager” as they are increasingly called. These kinds of posts are definitely written tongue in cheek and are not intended to be serious. Still every time I read them I can’t help feeling a little sad. Yes three year olds can definitely be defiant, rebellious, and dramatic, but that doesn’t make them terrors. It just makes them a three year old at a fascinating stage of development.

This post is written in defense of three year olds, whom I happen to think are pretty awesome people.

Understanding the behavior behind the four top peeves of parents with threenagers

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10 Actions To Create Deep Family Connections

10 Actions To Create Deep Family ConnectionsMost of us love our children, there’s no doubt about that.  Still, in the busyness of life we can sometimes forget to do the little things that demonstrate our love.  Words can be affirming, but actions are concrete. What we do and the way we treat our children is powerful and has a lasting impact.

“It has been noted that actions speak louder than words. Truth is, I have found that during many situations in life, words are just noise… and actions are the ONLY things that speak.” Steve Maraboli

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How to Create Space and Find Joy

How to Create Space

Freedom by a4gpa on Flickr

Like anyone who writes a blog I tend to spend a lot of time following and connecting with other bloggers in my niche. As a consequence I read a lot of parenting blogs. It is clear that here is a wealth of information out there for parents. There are pages and pages of ideas for

  • Sensory bins
  • Literacy and math activities for preschoolers
  • Elaborate crafts using every available material you can imagine
  • The most elaborate food ideas
  • Sure fire techniques to deal with every parenting issue from disrespect to toilet training
  • Detailed plans for storage of craft supplies or toys

And much, much more

Sometimes it takes my breath away. Often it leaves me feeling overwhelmed. I brought my children up before the Internet. As a family we were not connected to the web until my boys were in their tweens. In many ways I am glad. All this information would have left me feeling totally inadequate.

Do you ever feel as if you are on a parenting treadmill trying desperately to catch up? There is always more you can do

  • One more craft.
  • One more post to read
  • One more activity to organize
  • One more parenting strategy to implement.

And round and round it goes. Do you want to stop the treadmill and find a way to bring some sanity into this frenetic pace of life? [Read more…]

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